Let’s graduate!!

Graduation season is upon us.  From little kindergarten kids transitioning to college degrees earned it’s the time for promotion.  Let me tell you whatever accomplishment one is achieving the sky is the limit.

Did you know that when though you’re season of graduation may have passed, it’s still time to graduate on the inside.  Yes, there are some accomplishments that we need to achieve daily.  Most of them come from not allowing others to attack your progress.

You ever have someone come around and then their presence would seem to dampen your mood?  Well you will know if you gotten past that person when their presence no longer moves you.  Nothing inside of you will be bothered. You won’t get mad or irritated.  You need the folks around you that you dislike to make you.

You have to stop avoiding folks.  Staying away for a season is necessary.  Staying away indefinitely can be done as well but just know unless you move off the planet there’s a good chance you will see them again. Also when you have graduated from allowing folks to bother you I’m a firm believer that you will meet them in another person.  Yes until you master it, you will keep coming around it.  I would rather just get the lesson over it.

Until you can turn that tassel over you will need to work on your issues.  Let me be clear as you graduate from one issue there’s always another one.  People break down and get upset over that phenomenon but that’s life.  You have to make the best choices so you can make it through your journey.

I talk about other people hindering your progress so much because most people get completely caught up in what someone said, how they said it, how someone looked, what someone thought, if they like me, do they hate me, are they for me, can they help me, etc.  Just as draining as it was to type the list that’s how draining some folks live their lives.  Take the breaks off and live a little bit.  That list can all be answered very clearly with most folks think negatively about others.  So if you’re waiting for a parade of love and support, stop waiting and create it for yourself.

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is that they don’t move waiting for someone to pick up the pieces.  They do what they have to do and even though others come up against them they keep on going.  You don’t have to be perfect you just need to be willing to make the step.

Another issue when you’re working on yourself is that the people who are closest to you usually don’t acknowledge it.  They pick up on the fall you made to your goal.  They rarely point out the good.  They don’t take the time to nourish.  You have to keep pushing and not look for the way to go from folks that you know aren’t designed to give it.  That’s why strangers can support you more than folks you know. Folks aren’t willing to acknowledge that you of all people could possibly make a change because it exposes what they need to do.

Let me encourage you to move on small victories turn into big ones.  If you are around highly critical people and there’s just no way to get around them, stay focused.

Here is my list on breaking past overly critical people:

1. Don’t share your goals with them

2. Stop trying to change them

3. Have a mantra that you speak over yourself

4. Don’t argue

5. Everyday say a prayer, meditate

6. Write your goals down and acknowledge your own flaws and own them

Over time if you don’t quit, you definitely  can graduate past people.  It’s already set for you to fail it’s up to you to success in spite of.  Remember it’s not you making falls along the way to your goals, failure comes from not attempting to make it and giving up.

Aren’t you ready to turn the tassel over?  This is a daily walk.  Trust yourself to be able to make your dreams happen.  Don’t let naysayers stop you.



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