Quiet Please

If you’re like me, than you are experiencing a lot of changes.  In the middle of change you have to learn to quiet yourself and figure out what you want to do in each situation.

Friends and family are great resources but if you rely on them solely you will find that the decisions you are making aren’t genuine.  You have to make all choices that fit your life and your goals.  Listen people mean well, but a lot of things that you are going through is a heart issue. 

We don’t always tell both sides of the story.  We tell the part where our emotions were affected by what happened.  We talk to others and they give us advice for what we tell them. Meanwhile when you’re alone and quiet, you have another agenda that contrary to what you originally told.  Your heart knows where you are but we don’t always follow it. 

Quiet yourself and really think about what it is that you want to do.  Many people have heavy issues that they are dealing with.  Some things that will literally change how they and their families will interact.  You must give priority to these things and not rush anything on a temporary feeling. 

You have a lot on your plate.  You know how I know because if you pay attention to the things around you, people are looking for answers in so many conventional and unconventional places.  When you find yourself seeking answers you have to be clear within yourself to stay on task.

Understand that during this time you will be tested from the very thing that you’re asking for help with.  All of a sudden friends are keeping it 100.  All of a sudden folks have visions for your life that never spoke up before. All of a sudden as soon as one suggestion is made you run towards it.  No.  Please stop before you make gut decisions. 

If you’re life is busy as mine you may feel as if moments of clarity don’t come easy.  However when you’re serious about making something good from your life it’s the most simplest moments that will open itself to you.  Please don’t look back at whatever decision you have to make with regrets.  Don’t let someone else’s vision be your vision.  Have your own vision, get quiet, and weigh it all. When it’s good for you it will come with peace.  Peace doesn’t mean it won’t come with tears, or be easy, but peace that’s priceless.  Get quiet please!!



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