Memorial Day Fun

So Memorial Day is coming upon us in a matter of days.  Memorial Day is the day we remember the fallen who served in the armed forces.  For me as military brat, it’s a day where I’ve always remember the reason behind the day.

It’s also the official kick off to the summer holidays.  Usually pools are open and if you haven’t gotten your grills ready, it’s not a better time to do so.  While you are enjoying the day, don’t forget about the numerous men and women who are out keeping America safe.  No matter what you feel about war itself, there are people willing to lay their lives down so you can enjoy your day off. Take a moment to remember them.  I think about my dad who will be experiencing his 3rd deployment in 6 years.  Makes me proud to know that even after all this time he’s willing to keep his and your family safe.

Since the day is about fun for so many always remember to stay safe.  Hospitals are always on high alert between fights that break out to alcohol poisoning to firework accidents, stay safe.

Here are my suggestions for a fun, money-saving holiday:

1. Cookouts can be expensive.  Get family to contribute.  There’s no reason for you to supply all the food and drinks.

2. Can’t make it out to the pool, don’t fret try some old school water balloon fights.  You can make it fun by having women vs. men, kids vs. parents, siblings vs. parents

3. Break out the sidewalk chalk.  Yes replace the electronics for some outside fun

4.  Board games can be a serious situation depending on where you go.  Provide summer like prizes to bring out the competitive nature in your crowd

5.  Ice cream party.  Yes maybe wait for the sun to go down and grab your favorite toppings and have fun making your sloppy Icecream Sundae.  Even have someone judge the most creative.

6. Make some awesome Memorial Day treats.  Yes get creative from cakes to jello molds the options are endless.

7. Don’t want to be home there are many fairs, etc that you and your family can attend

8. Traveling – keep your apps a blazing with money-saving tips and coupons to help make your trip not blow your summer budget

9. Single and hate these coupled up holidays.  Find an activity you can go to alone that will have you interact with others.  Try something you wouldn’t normally do.  Remember men haven’t started falling out the sky, get to where you can look your best, smile and have fun.  Take a girlfriend along as well

10. Go to the movies.  It’s as big thing for families to start the summer block buster movie circuit

11. Just want some down time, grab some wine early and have you a great time enjoying you time-catch up on your favorite books or magazines

You have many options. The most important thing is to be safe have fun and thank the men and women of the armed forces for all they do.  Remember there are some men and women who are away from their families so holidays like this only serve as another reminder of the loneliness they have been experiencing for some time.  If you know of a family experiencing this, reach out to them.

I’ll be using the hashtag #thankstoallwhoserve all day on my Facebook, twitter, and instagram pages. Share some of your gratitude and pictures of how you celebrated.  I’ll post some of them on the page!!



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