Ask Toi: How Old is too Old to still deal with the “club guys?”

I’m only taking a stab at what you mean by club guys.  I mean I know that some men who still club in their 40s and up.  If you’re referring to going to a club and seeing the men who are trying to pick up women in clubs as club boys then that’s up to you and what you want in life.

People say where you meet a man says a lot however, I know many couples who were out with friends, met a great guy in a club and a relationship is developed.  If you are okay with meeting a man and getting picked up my only hope is that your single.  People change men and women for where they are in life.  I’m 34 if I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids I don’t see myself going to a club to meet a man but I wouldn’t turn my nose up to the ideal either.

My thing about anyone you would meet no matter where you meet is what does that person have going for themselves?  Does he have goals?  Is he working and achieving these goals?  Does he take care of himself?  I’ve met guys in the past in a business setting that didn’t have it together so don’t worry about location.  You wouldn’t do anything you don’t want to do so if you allowed yourself to be “picked up” it would be a choice you made.  If you’re trying to find something more in depth than meet someone but don’t run off with him and make it a night.  Take your time and get to know the person instead of their representative. 


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