Mandeecee and Yandy Wedding

So yes I turned into the wedding of VH1 Love and Hip Hop.  I wanted to see it just as much as the rest of the people who watch the series.  If you haven’t watched it don’t continue reading.  I’ll highlight the points that jumped for me.

If you have watched the Love and Hip Hop or at least read my last blog on the show you know that Mandeecee has accepted a deal for his involvement in drug trafficking.  It’s not clear how much time he will get but as it stands he could get at least a minimal of 10 years. 

The couple who have allowed cameras into their relationship, is not shy to highlight the ends and outs of Mandeecee’s issues with the court of law.  These issues are almost like the elephant in the room as Yandy has been torn to pieces for her decision to stand by her man. 

During the wedding special they showed the couple during the various parts of the wedding process.  They addressed both parties on their thoughts if they should have put the wedding to the side to focus on his legal battle.  Both have come to the  conclusion to allow it rest and make their union official.

I honestly for one think they highlighted them both in such a classy way regardless of how you feel about them tying the knot or not.  VH1 allowed us into their personal lives, thoughts, and preparations like no other wedding special has done in the past. 

I would be lying if I didn’t say I shed a tear or two.  I love weddings.  However unless you just really can’t stand the brand, VH1 definitely made it clear that they showed the love between the two.  I definitely believe that Yandy is a strong woman and I’ve never been in her situation, but one thing you can’t deny is that love is love.

They didn’t cut any expense when it came to the wedding.  From flowers, to the rings they made sure they had the prince and princess wedding the couple wanted.  The most special moment for me is when Yandy was walked down the aisle by her dad.  Yandy’s father had to have his leg amputated due to blood clot issues.  He was proud to give her away.

I was shocked in how much Yandy held it together.  Even though it was a star studded event with K Michelle singing the wedding party down the aisle, the couple looked like the only ones in the room were the two of them. 

The one thing the minister stated when Yandy made her way down the aisle is that we all want to be loved.  Although your love story doesn’t have to be like theirs, people want to feel loved and have love returned to them.  I’ve said it before that some will do whatever for it and that I don’t condone but I do think we should all experience love at least once in our lives.

The other thing I appreciated about the minister is him stating that marriage is work.  I think we spend so much time looking at the moments in marriage when things don’t feel right on getting a new mate.  I read a quote that said if we spent time treating our mates like we would treat the one we think we need, we would all be better people and a better couple.

Yandy and Mandeecee spoke their own vows.  The part that touched me was Yandy stating she would never judge him even if the world judged him.  Think about that for one moment.  That’s what love unconditional is supposed to be about.  Loving someone fully without them having to earn it on credit, loving someone regardless of what they do-true love. 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I pray a lifetime of happiness and whatever their future holds, I pray that they will be in each other’s corners.  Marriage is work and no matter where their journey takes them, that they will remember their vows and lean on one another in the good and the bad times.



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