Social media is ruining your relationship, not so much!!

I’ve heard about people claiming that social media has ended marriages and relationships.  I don’t know why people don’t take responsibility for their actions.  It’s the two people in the relationship who mess things up.

If you’re already having insecurity issues and your significant other is liking others pictures and that sets you off, look at the real issue.  One social media isn’t real life.  Follow some folks home and you will know that.  The second issue is that if you’re upset about your partner liking the opposite pictures ask yourself why?  Does it mean that he or she is cheating with all the various people?

If your partner doesn’t claim you or have you selected as their partner on social media, have you asked why?  What I see is a lot of going back forth and shots fired between couples.  Now don’t get me wrong if you’re married and your mate has that they are single speak up.  But that’s the part we miss,  we don’t speak up.  Nope we go and we post pictures that we hope our partner sees and changes.  Let me help you out a person will read it know you’re talking about them and move right along.

You have to able to communicate what you need from your partner.  If your partner isn’t giving you what you need and you both have been working it out and it’s not working you need to reevaluate if the relationship is serving you.  Listen I’m married and my mate works my nerves often but it’s not cute to air your dirty laundry all over the net to open the door to more issues.

Please take your fights offline and deal with them in person.  While you want the world to give you their opinions and then some get mad when it happens (sigh) how about work them out.  The ones who will have to live with the unhappiness of your torn relationship is you.  So while your girlfriends are encouraging you to leave, you will be the one alone. Make better Internet choices.

For the men and women who like to slide into inboxes on the low.  Please know the minute the person you sneaking around gets mad the first thing they doing is screen shooting pictures to your mate?  If you want out get out.  No one deserves to be cheated or disrespected.  If you can’t tell that woman how big her butt is out in the open don’t try to be slick on the low.

Rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t say it in front of your mate don’t say it behind them either.  I know plenty of men and women who flirt in inboxes but would lose it if their mate did it to them.  As you can see I didn’t blame social media for that behavior, it’s the person.

Make better choices on social media and make sure that you always remain respectful at all times.



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