Man Week: Biggest Turn Offs

So a few months ago, I did Man’s Week and it was a great hit.  I was asked by several people to bring it back.  I decided to do it again but switched up the men and the questions.

I was able to get single, married, dating as well as some divorced and recently separated men.  So this week will get interesting.  Ladies sit back and enjoy we are going in.

First topic was biggest turn offs.  Ladies we have a list of our turn offs but now it’s time to get gut checked and hear from a man’s perspective.  If it don’t apply let it fly, but if it do say ouch and work it out.

So from what women wear, to attitudes, and perception nothing was off limits.  I definitely as always encouraged the men to be transparent and as always I will keep their identity anonymous.

What is the most physical turn off and why?

Single Man Dating: too much make up.  Women look amazing when simple is best.  I can’t stand when you hug a woman and their make up stains your clothes.  Summer time coming less is best. 

Divorced Man: unshaven legs.  I can’t stand when I see women with skirts and hairy legs.  A woman should be smooth not look like a hairy monster and you would be surprised of what I have seen.

Married Man: oversized clothes or too tight clothes. I think a woman looks more confident with clothes that fit her no matter what size they are.  Trying to hide or take clothes and squeeze into them isn’t a good look at all.

Separated Man: black or too dark lipstick.  I know it’s the style now but it doesn’t make me want to kiss a woman.  I’m set off by it.  I think a pretty lip is best and dark lips doesn’t do it for me.

Second question: what is your biggest turn off about women and the way they carry themselves, etc?

Single Man Dating: loud women.  I’m all for women in a circle of friends laughing and having a good time but the women who feel like they can be in a man’s face loud and ignorant I can’t deal with.  I will not date a woman who feels she has to be extra all the time.  I’m looking for someone who can be them and for me if loud is them I can’t date them.

Divorced Man: negative women.  You know the one who complain over everything.  They can’t be pleased no matter what you do.  The type of women that if you buy roses but don’t get them yellow roses is a major turn off.

Married Man: push over women.  I don’t like women who play naive and let everyone take advantage of them.  I feel women need to speak up for themselves. 

Separated Man: women with no confidence.  I shouldn’t have to build you up all the time.  I should definitely compliment but it gets tiring having to keep getting a woman to take value in themselves.  If you lack it eventually it’s going to come out in a relationship and no one wants to feel like a 24 hour therapist.

Last turn offs about women in relationships.

Single Man Dating: women who want you be your mother.  I don’t need to be told how to do everything.  Let’s work together not make me feel as if I’m a little boy while trying to build with you.

Divorced Man: women who don’t want to help.  I’m all for providing and being supportive to women but a man wants the same in return.  No one wants to feel like they are in a relationship alone, help in the same way you want it given to you.

Married Man: the maid.  Cleaning and chores being done by the women is played out however sit down and enjoy the moment.  I don’t want to feel like I can’t make a mess without a women wanting to fix it right away.  Let the dishes sit for a minute and watch the game then we can both clean afterwards.

Separated Man: don’t try to change men.  We will change when we see the investment.  You can’t force a man to do anything.  We are simple we don’t change cause we don’t want to.  Accept it and move on.  If you leave we will adjust if we truly love you.  When we don’t we just didn’t care enough. 

Well ladies remember we ALL have preferences so although these men spoke on their biggest turn offs, keep it in perspective.  The next topic will be about interracial and interfaith dating.  This is going to be a great week.  Check several times a day.  I’ve been working on these for a little while and you don’t want to miss it.


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