Man Week: What are your thoughts on Caityln Jenner?

Well unless you literally live under a rock you should know by know that the former Bruce Jenner has come out as Caityln Jenner.  A few weeks ago Bruce at the time had done an interview with Diane Sawyer about how he wanted to be a woman and how it would affect his family.

So yesterday June 1, 2015 Bruce came out as Caityln Jenner.  So of course I had to ask how the men thought about it? 

Single Man Dating:  I mean I don’t know what to think.  She looks nice as a woman I wouldn’t talk to her but she looks nice.  I’m a little taken back by it because it seems weird to me and it could be because that’s not my lifestyle choice.  She looks like a man dressed in women’s clothes.

Divorced Man: I absolutely can’t get on board with it at all.  It’s too much for me to accept.  I think she can do what she wants but it’s not my thing so I can’t really say wow she’s beautiful or nothing because it makes me feel like I’m okay with the lifestyle choice and I’m personally not.  However I want to be clear I respect those who live their lives in their own way.

Separated Man:  I have family who live their lives as Transgender since technically he hasn’t had his penis removed so I support it. I think she looks better than his ex wife.  I’ve gone out with my family members who live that lifestyle and the way some people treat them is horrible so I applaud her courage and hope that people would be as understanding as they are of Caityln with the non celebrity.

Married Man: I think it don’t really have much to do with me.  I think she looks like a descent woman.  I think she has uphill battle due to the public and how they accept her. 

I support people for being people which means that everyone is able to live the life they want to.  I don’t have to live through other people’s choice.  I have to agree with the separated man that as much as folks are high fiving Caityln will they do the same for the everyday person.



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