Upsy Daisy: Get up and Get it Done

Today is National Upsy Daisy day.  It’s a day where you’re supposed to get up with positivity and get things done.  It’s hard for some folks to allow the negativity to skip them.  As soon as situations pile up, there goes their happiness.  Getting things done doesn’t always mean sunshine will follow you.

You have to get things done sometimes in the middle of darkness.  Getting up is your first step.  You ever fall and really hurt yourself?  The hardest part is getting up.  The embarassment of the fall can bruise the ego at times but laying there not getting up actually draws more attention to the fall then the actual fall did.  That’s why when you wallow people take notice.  Why are you just laying there?  Let me guess waiting on someone to help you? 

Get up.  You have more to do than to just sit and wallow.  Trust me whatever made you trip in the first place can be corrected.  So you allowed the man that you knew wasn’t no good for you to convince you of a lie?  Okay acknowledge it and make a conscience decision to not get caught up again.  The job you wanted, you were passed up for?  Keep in mind that it’s all a numbers game.  Start going harder with double the numbers.  Also realize that you’re worth can’t be tied to tangible things.

It’s upsy daisy day and a Monday what better way than to press past your fears and make it happen. What do you have to lose?  Keep on going until your dreams are a reality.



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