Ask Toi: How soon is too soon to say you love someone?

There’s no magical equation.  I feel when you can say you know a person well enough.  If you haven’t seen that person at their best, their worst, and in between then maybe it’s too soon.  We want that instant love and confuse it for instant lust.  There are some really nice people who are nice on the eyes that will wine and dine you to the fullest, however it’s smoke screens.  Unless you both are in a committed relationship with each other than its not love.  You could be falling in love but hold off until it’s real.  It’s real when you’re ready to be with them and they with you and you know who you are loving.  I know folks who say I love you after a few dates and it makes me think.  I always ask have you seen them get mad, have you seen them be worried and make it through, have you seen them handle real life decisions?  If not how will you know if you love them, like the whole person, flaws and all?  If you can’t answer that then buckle up for your lust fest cause it’s not love just yet.


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