Trust your Intuition

Sometimes in the world of information and opinion, we rely heavily on others to give us the answers to our issues.  We have to begin the process of allowing ourselves to trust our intuition.

It’s totally okay to seek other opinions as a way to weight out a situation.  If that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t be reading my blogs.  However, there’s one thing blogs, magazines, books etc can’t give you and that is divine interpretation.  I’m a researcher of all things.  If something is wrong I was always raised to find the right answer instead of just relying on others to make the decision for me.

There’s so much you can gain from trusting yourself that written information can’t give and that’s confidence.  When you are confident with a situation it’s less likely you will repeat the negative behavior.  I was on my Facebook today and saw a young girl that was looking for ways out of her relationship.  The reality is that until she realizes that her desire to leave is more than enough nothing I could have said would have helped.

When she realizes her worth she will make that decision.  The bigger fact that she made it public on Facebook let me know she didn’t have confidence to make her own decisions without someone else telling her what to do.  We all have been young and gone through this phase in our lives to some extent on and off social media.  My hopes is she trust that little voice inside of her to make the right decision.

You and I both have things on our heart and minds.  Take the time you need to focus yourself.  Figure out exactly what you want and need to do in each situation.  Write it down if you need to.  Don’t leave your life decisions in another person’s hand or opinion, trust your intuition.



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