Dad Complex

It’s almost father’s day soon and the emotion of the day will get higher as the days get closer.  I went into Target the other day.  Any one who knows me when it’s holidays I’m the queen of them.  I love celebrating the weirdest of days always have and always will. 

I was observing the collection of cards for fathers versus the card selection for mother’s day.   In my Target, there was only one side and not even a full side display.  For mothers day that same Target had about 2.5 section of cards for moms. 

So I gave thought and it’s clear if you look around most people don’t have a relationship with their fathers both male or female.  So fathers don’t always get a lot of shine.  We focus more on the absence then their presence. 

Most people buy dads the usual ties, tools, and sports gear. Have we tapped into thinking outside of the box for the men in our lives?  We want mom to be relaxed but what are we wanting dad to be?  Keep in mind like I said earlier emotions run high.  You will have kids young and grow who have a disdain for their dad this day for the lack of participation in their lives.  You will have some who have a hole in their heart for the dads who have passed.

The last issue will be the countless single women who will have this anger for raising kids alone and feel they need to be acknowledged for being both parents.  Every year just check your social media of women who say today is their day.  Listen I get it when you’re both parents it’s a lot of hard work but keep one point in mind, it will NEVER fill the void of an actual father.

The single moms who proclaim it’s their father’s day are usually so wrapped in their shine than they are of the children who struggle.  Even grown men struggle with this lack in their life let alone a child.  I’m not suggesting that single moms don’t have it hard because they do.  There are many more baby mothers than wives so I get it.  But while the tooting of the horn takes a sting, find a way to be there for the children who are left by irresponsible men, men in jail or men who would sometimes don’t know they are even fathers.

Not having a father will bring this father’s day and all to come to be a damper.  I’m suggesting that women who are single moms find great men to mentor both their daughters and sons. If you have a father or a father for your children, take the time to uplift him.  If your father has passed, honor him with great admiration.  To my single moms keep doing what you do but be there to support your child who are the biggest victims in all of this. 

Happy father’s day to all men who are trying their best.  If you’re a dad who in the past haven’t been around, try to be around your children because they need you.  Moms make it easy for them to be around.  We know you are shielding them from the disappointment of their absence but reach down and try to be amicable for the sake of your children.  There’s nothing greater for a child to see both parents working past their personal issues to create a stable environment.



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