Block’ Em

Continuing with the social media discussion, people don’t realize that they have a valuable tool at their fingertips, the block button.  Sometimes we continue to entertain the back and forth on social media because we like the drama even though we say we don’t.  I block people for a number of reasons, such as any posting where acts of violence against women and children are being ridiculed, disrespect which isn’t the same as difference in opinion, or someone I don’t deal with in real life.

It’s important for me to watch what I entertain daily.  So I try for the most part not participate in anything that is negative.  I know people as soon as your opinion differs from their they block or unfriend you.  For me difference of opinion and talking about it is how debates and especially healthy debates are had. 

I laugh when people block me or even they unfriend me because people who know me know I’m not a directly ignorant person so if someone felt like I don’t want to hear her postivity today it makes me smile.  I’ve actually had people inbox me and say this to me.  My response is that if my positivity offends you it speaks more of you than me.  I’m human I have bad days plenty actually but I’m just not interested in broadcasting it all for people who aren’t really concerned about my well being.  So if someone is waiting to get the tea on my misery wait a little longer.

Listen clean up your social media platforms.  What you watch and find entertainment speaks volumes on who you are and it will affect you in how you deal with others around you.  If you feel the need to unfollow or block use the tool.  You know if you have an issue because if you click off or sign off and are angry because of what someone who doesn’t pay your bills think then bingo Houston we got a problem.



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