Social Media and Marriage

We all have several pages on social media.  Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc we have them.  They provide entertainment, connection, etc.

What happens when we take and replace social media for good old fashioned listening and talking? A disaster is bound to ensue. 

I’m all for following your mate, and at times things come up when things are posted but major life challenges shouldn’t be told or entertained through social media especially if it wasn’t communicated with your spouse. 

There are many couples that use technology and social media as an enhancement but it shouldn’t be the end all be all in a relationship and for many it is.  Some spouses spend hours on their phones, tablets, and laptops and can’t speak one word especially a kind word to their spouse. 

If you want something to grow you definitely have to water it. You can’t water in with little to no communication.  That’s like the baby step to any relationship.  So before you decide to send subliminal messages to your spouse take the time to have a conversation with them directly.  You might find that you can get a better understanding.

Another issue with social media is that it’s a tool that can be used to break a marriage.  People use videos, likes, etc to destroy other people’s relationships but there is a flip it can destroy what’s already on the rocks at times.  You don’t need an audience in your marriage.  I’ve seen countless times where a couple is going back and forth taking shots at their mate and friends of the spouse are waiting to comment, etc.  What you fail to realize is while your friend co-sign the demise of the relationship especially a marriage, the vows didn’t include them. 

Yes outsiders have a perspective that a couple in it may not see but often times outsiders go by what is being told to them from the familiar friend or family member.  Marriage has frustrating moments and sometimes emotion will have you vent to the wrong audience. People aren’t as forgiving as the couple going through the issue are.

Don’t let social media or the abuse of social media ruin your marriage.  Don’t let social media be the only way to communicate to a spouse.  Lastly if you say good or bad things on social media make sure you are speaking to your mate at home.  Some couples profess their love to their mate for the world to see on high moments but they and their mate live lonely existences cause love isn’t professed in the home. 



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