Snap back

It takes 10 months from conception to birth to bring in new life provided there aren’t any complications.  Women gain on average of at least 25 pounds if not more to sustain a healthy pregnancy.  We see celebrities look amazing after a few weeks and then comes the pointing of fingers at moms for not looking like they did before the baby.

Having a baby is indeed hard work.  It takes over every aspect of your entire baby.  I believe that woman should find healthy solutions to “eating for two,” I don’t believe in women counting calories and trying to died while pregnant either.  Ladies especially to my moms or moms to be, you should know that one of the things we complain the most about is out weight.  We don’t fit our clothes the way we once did, hormones are all over the place, and that alone can send a pregnant woman into a tizzy.

If you are struggling with your weight after baby the first thing is make sure you attend your post natal appointment first and talk to your doctor about safe post natal exercises.  Then make sure you are allowing yourself to heal before jumping into a “I got to lose this weight” mode.  Don’t let pressure from a mate, or society condemn you about it either.  Most post natal women still wear maternity clothes in the beginning because it’s comfortable and makes sense.

Once you are given the okay, take your time and build up your exercises and listen to your body.  Working out will be difficult and keep in mind with a new baby and sleep deprivation it will make you a little nutty.  Don’t over do it.  Be comfortable in your skin and your new curves.  I was a size 4 before my daughter I’m a happy size 10 now and coming down.  By the way I have 3, one who is only 1 years old. 

Don’t talk to me about complications that make it hard to snap back as fast.  I was diagnosed with a blood clot on my brain while pregnant with my last and had to give myself shots twice a day.  Also I ended up with internal bleeding the day I was discharged because my son jumped on my belly and I was still recovering from a csection.  So yes be gentle with your body.

Now after you’re ready it’s important to eat better, drink more water and exercise.  Get involved with other moms who are trying to lose weight or even just women in general.  There is strength in numbers and encouragement is the key to making any weight lost journey succesful.

Don’t be fooled by the many celebrity women who have personal trainers, nutritionist, and chefs at their calls.  Do the work but also don’t lose sight on the baby that you brought into the world.  And for my extra post natal mommies, be encouraged too.  It’s never too late to get not just a snap back but a healthier version of yourself.  The key is to look better in your clothes, gain confidence, and look beautiful. So even if your kids are in grade school and you really can’t blame it on a new baby – take summer time fine and make it a lifestyle not just a seasonal ambition.



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