Ask Toi: How do I survive a summer vacation with the in-laws?

Well it’s summer vacation time and nothing says that more than organized trips while blending families. 

The best way to survive summer vacations with the in laws is to have your own room.  Being together shouldn’t mean you have to share the same sleeping quarters.  Make sure you have separate sleeping arrangements so that you can unwind on your own. 

Second tip is although there will be planned activities try to plan a few without the large crowd.  You don’t have to follow everyone around like clones. 

My third tip is to be clear on who is paying what.  Money is the one way vacations get ruined.  When the money separation is clear it makes it easier to deal with.  Pack things for your children if you have them. Make it clear when your kids need a break.  Speak to your mother in law because she will usually be the deciding factor often times.  Coming to terms with her instead of fighting will make it easier.  By the way I’m not suggesting she controls you or your kids but let her know that although it’s a vacation there will still need to be time outs.  I know plenty of mother in laws who try to plan every second of the trip and will make it difficult if you attempt to separate.  Clear expectations on both side is the goal.

Lastly it’s supposed to be a vacation so if you are already having issues with your in laws but your husband or wife is asking an exception be made then keep your mate in mind.  Try not to bring the issues with you and separate yourself when you find it becoming too intense. 

Remember even in a crowd to have fun regardless of what is going on.  Have a great time and I hope that helps.


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