Thank you Summer!

So it’s officially summer time.  Yes bring on the sunshine, heat, beaches, bright colors, etc.  Summer is the time where families come together and fun is at all time high.  Between vacations, kids out of school, etc it’s the time where we let out hair down.  What will you be doing in this new season of change?

I absolutely love summer it’s my second best season with Fall being my number one.  In the summer my planning skills goes into over load.  Now it’s no secret I have 3 children and I’m not balling out of control but I’ve been a mom long enough to be smart about my money.  I was raised there’s nothing I can’t do without planning for it.  So if money is tight make sure you get creative with your summer plans.  Research options to enjoy the summer for your family because it can be done.

Another thing about the Summer I love is being able to watch people go out and have fun.  So if you’re single be in places where other singles are.  Travel.  Trust me there’s nothing like adding some new adventures to your travel resume. That way when you meet your new love interest you will have something to talk about.  Singles spend more time complaining about not having someone that they miss out on enjoying life.  Let me give you a secret, that’s how you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Yes while you’re out smiling and having fun, you will attract him or her right to you.

For the couples find some new interesting activities to do.  Ditch the dinner and a movie and explore your city or travel somewhere for a weekend get away.  I lived in a small town and let me say now that I’m a big city I really miss it.  Nothing is more quaint than a local bed and breakfast.  Get up, get a sitter and enjoy some one on one.  A lot of couples struggle with arguments, etc because they need to work individually and then come together and change your scenery. 

Summer also brings about wedding season as well.  Many couples want to tie the knot in the sun while their families look on. Remember if you’re a guest to always keep it classy and enjoy the moment.  Never do anything at someone’s wedding you wouldn’t want done at yours.

Please don’t let this summer go and past without experiencing one activity you hadn’t before.  So many people will let the summer come and go and say they didn’t do anything.  Only boring people are bored.  There’s so much to do so don’t let life happen without you. 

Lastly enjoy all the summer treats but stay true to your healthy lifestyle. Research alternatives like for me I love cake.  For summer there’s some refreshing recipes.  I add or substitute applesauce to make mine healthier but don’t tell my family that lol.  Don’t forget sunblock and sunglasses even for the little people.  Safety is the name of the game.

Have a happy and safe summer!!



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