Fix me Now!

How long will you dance?  2 years, 2 months, 1 week?  We are our worst enemies at times.  We beat ourselves up worst than anyone else.  We have to tear ourselves down just to feel better?  How does that work exactly?

I listen.  I listen to things, people, and life.  When I’m listening and not trying to have an answer is usually when one comes.  Growing up I always tried to anticipate other people’s responses.  That’s a personality flaw of mine.  Yep there you have it.  Anyway, when you’re stuck trying to please people you realize that often times you aren’t even happy with the person you become.

There’s no way beating yourself up will ever build you.  It works in construction when you tear down foundations but in real life you have to learn to work with what you have.  You tear down the things you need to change but you always have to replace it with something better.  We find ourselves willing to build but never with replacement. 

There’s nothing worst than telling yourself you’re fat but still eating bad food.  If you felt you are fat replace it with an action plan.  I’m fat, let me get my behind up and lose this weight.  Do you know how much it takes to take FULL responsibility of your life?  A lot.  It takes so much to accept where you are and sit there and come to terms with it.

If you’re really trying to improve yourself these moments come often.  If you only had this awakening once you have a lot more life to live.  In that moment don’t let your thoughts take you to a negative place.  That’s where self pity and whoa is me combines.  You have to rise above it.  There’s someone right now experiencing this with no one to listen or to understand.  Not even with my experience of that moment will be enough to get you out.

It’s going to take you really wanting better and being on a self discovery to pull you out.  In other words when you get tired of just existing you get off your do nothing and do something.  It’s another Monday and we are already close to July. How many of these moments will pass you by?  How many times will you just wallow in self pity?

You don’t have anyone to help you I’ve been there.  We expect too much from others we haven’t given to ourselves.  People will help you when you show an effort the universe is set up that way. You don’t have to sit there with no plan, make a plan.  You have been mad, frustrated, angry, upset, depressed long enough.  You don’t have to have all the answers you just need to be able to take one step towards being better than you were yesterday and better than you were an hour ago.

This Monday make it a different Monday.  Make it a different you.  Change what you can.  Change you and all of the other players will line up.  Did you hear that?  You want your mate to change, it starts with you.  You may find that they were willing all the time or you may find that they weren’t the one you needed.  Expect the change you want by becoming it. 



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