It’s almost the 4th of July.  There will be drinks, cook outs, fireworks, and fun but while we celebrate the freedom and the birthday of America we have to always remember everything came with a price.

Regardless on your beliefs about war, someone shed their blood so we can live without bombs going off over us all day.  We have to show respect to the men and women who fought and are still fighting for that freedom.  One thing that I want you to remember bigger than your civil freedom is your personal freedom.  Yes you can be walking around with all the legal freedoms you want and still be bound in your mind and heart.

Let me give you an example, my daughter is walking now but before that we used to place her in a certain toy that would restrict her.  As she grew we took parts off that allowed her to be more free.  For weeks she still acted as if she was restricted.  That’s how some people react to life they don’t realize the freedom they have because something is holding them back.

We all have somewhere in our lives where we aren’t as free as we need to be.  We don’t flow as freely.  It could be from people’s opinion or thoughts, depression, failures, etc I challenge every one of you when the fireworks goes off this year to release something out of your life.  Release that man that’s not right for you or belongs to another woman, release bitterness, hatred, envy, sadness whatever.  Even take some time to release those secret sins that only you and God know you struggle with.

Be free not just in thought but deed today.  You will experience some growth you haven’t experienced before trust me.

Happy 4th of July and always be safe!!



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