Turn that up!

Podcasts are nothing new.  It’s like replacing the days of CD players.  I like to listen to podcasts when in doing pretty much anything and everything or nothing at all.  There is a podcast for literally everything and everyone.  Between podcast, YouTube, and good old fashioned books who could be bored.

Since I go through many podcasts I’ll give you one from each section of life I’ve followed or do follow.  My favorite one for marriage is by David and Amanda Taylor, “Mastering Marriage; Marriage Advice and Coaching.”  This couple survived when David informed Amanda that he wasn’t in love with her.  Now I don’t know many couples who would have endured that.  If you’re having issues and even have considered the Big “D” word of Divorce, please consider giving them a try.

When I was single my go to was UrbanFaith.  A group of young women who answer everything in and outside the realm of the church.  If you want to hear it as real as it gets give them a try.  Along with podcasts if you’re a reader I recommend anything Michelle McKinney Hammond.  I literally have all if her books.  When I say literally I mean it.  I love the set up of how her mind works.  In the world of kindles and electronic readers we don’t have to lug books around anymore although I’m still a believer in buying books and downloading to my Kindle as secondary. 

Now just because I listen to these mostly faith filled podcasts I do however listen for pure enjoyment as well.  For example I love style.com podcasts and its no secret why.  From the latest fashions to the hottest trends I like to stay well ahead of the game.  To keep my money in check I go to Young Money and I’m not talking about Lil Wayne.  This podcast helps me make better financial choices that will impact my family.

The point of podcasts are to be on the go ways of entertaining yourself.  This should be a great hit for my non readers because some people receive better by listening.  So whatever you want to know about, be better informed, or just sit back and relax-look into podcasts.  If podcasts aren’t you’re thing and you need to be able to visualize what you need than go to YouTube.  Yes when I want to review a new beauty product, learn how to do something, or just watch something funny that’s where I head to.  Friday nights are usually my YouTube night when I’m not out and about.

The Internet has made information readily at your fingertips.  Although the information system can also be used in a negative way if used properly it can be a vital tool.  So for all the I’m bored people with nothing to do, research a new podcast and enjoy.  So before bed tonight, look up a new podcasts and enjoy.  Also if you have that co-worker that won’t quite shut it down, podcasts drown out the pesky co-worker with no problem. 



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