Simplicity is the art of life

It’s National simplicity day.  What is this you ask? It’s a day you slow it down a bit and declutter your life.  It will allow you to destress.  Sometimes we try to pile on too much.  We take too much on and then we stress out on how to get it done.

So in honor of National simplicity day I will give my ideas on how you can make life a little more simple.

1. Get centered

Some people pray or meditate to get there.  Make sure you speak all of your concerns.  Like momma would say don’t pray and worry.  Leave it there.  Sometimes we have a million things on our heart and minds and no place to put them. 

2. Change how you live

This can be achieved a million ways but for today how about something as simple as cleaning and decluttering.  How we keep our homes at times can be revealing.  Take the time to clean out your own home.  Turn the music up, get the kids involved and go through paperwork.  We have bills that we don’t even open.  Just because you don’t open them don’t make them not due.

3. Take a deep breath

We rush around in such a hurry and we don’t always have time to experience life around us. Take a moment to enjoy moments.  Set your phone down for one hour today and take a walk, go to a new exhibit, just experience something in your own neighborhood today.

4. Laugh a Little

Sometimes we don’t allow ourself to have joy.  Remember joy isn’t tied to happiness.  This simply means that you don’t have to have good things happening.  Sometimes it comes from the peace of knowing it will work out.  You can have all hell breaking loose and still have joy.  So laugh and smile today you may surprise yourself.

5. Be vigilant

Yes stop allowing everything to happen you. Be about your business and a good steward.  That alone makes things line up.  You don’t have to allow things to pile up to the point where you can’t function.  You have to be on top of all your stuff in order to have a better life.  Most people allow things slip and then get mad when things don’t pan up.  Be in control.

Take some time to simplify your life.  It’s important for you to just relax and get things done.  Stop with all the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy what and who you have around you.  Maybe even take some time to steal away from others.  We may need some time to gather our thoughts and may have an audience surrounding us that love to give unsolicited advice.  We have to hear our voice.  Enjoy today and have a great one.



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