Stanking Thinking

It amazes me how many women in general act like crabs in the barrel.  There’s so much women can do when they unite it’s crazy.  However instead of uniting we go into competition mode.  As a woman with my own unique talents I don’t have to compete with another and neither do you.

I know it seems like the right thing to say but when you truly realize it you will soar.  If there’s another female that’s doing the same thing as you, reach your hand across the aisle and get some pointers.  We all can improve in some way so why not talk to the ones who have already been there before you? 

We as women have to get it together.  Sometimes I sit down and just watch social media at times.  Think about it, people post what they feel and low key tear each other down.  Take a minute and just look.  When you start seeing posts sometimes it makes me laugh.  Someone has to let the world know that they are better than, more focused than, and more determined than someone else who isn’t even worried about what they are doing.

Just ask yourself how many times you took a shot at someone on social media.  Since everyone’s @ buttons seem to be broke than what was your point?  If you really feel the need to give folks a piece of your mind, why not take the direct approach? Can you really even afford to give out pieces of your mind in the first place?  Let’s channel that energy into making ourselves better versions.

If you find yourself being petty as we all have petty moments, think what the moment says about you.  The fact that you had to go all computer gangsta instead of just being grown and speaking your indifference and moving along is actually quite childish.  Trust me I too have had to check myself on this one.  Ladies let’s tighten ourselves.

We have so many dreams and the wasted moments we use needs to be channeled.  Like for instance if you want to break into the entertainment business, make some calls, ask how you can intern, and find out ways you can actually become what your heart desires.  What a concept?

Ladies and men too can take the time to stop this thinking that everyone is out to get you, stop your dreams or take what you have.  If you’re over the age of 25 and you don’t have an empire built, than stop with that mentality and get on board to making things happen and less time worrying what someone else has or is doing.  It’s never too late to start but it’s definitely too late to go through life with that “stanking thinking” as my mom would say.  We all have value in what we can contribute to this world let’s invest our time in developing it.



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