Manic Monday

Good morning to you.  It’s another Monday.  I overheard someone tell another person that unless things are right you can’t be happy.  If anyone who knows me knows that I express everything in my face like literally everything.  I’m sure my face was priceless.  What type of thinking is that?  Stinking thinking I’m sure.

Anywho who doesn’t love awesome days?  Those days like I had yesterday where I super exceeded my to do lists, the kids got along, and I had true legit smiles all day.  Yes I was feeling myself.  However good days don’t always last.  I’ve been dealing with a few trials that seem to piggy back each other however my smile can’t diminish because of it.

It’s Monday and yes Mondays always seem to come with some mental setbacks, but guess what so do Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc.  Stop limiting your mind to hate certain days.  It’s hard no one likes to face life after a few days of rest and relaxation but we grown now, we got to put on our big girl and boy panties and boxers on now. 

So today for at least an hour change how you view your Monday.  I’m sure if you do it for an hour, you can do it for the rest of the day.  No I don’t have some magical powers or mystical ball I just know that when you change the way you think you change you. 

Have a great one today!!



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