Ask Toi: What do I do when no one seems to be in my corner?

In life you will experience being alone at some or even multiple points in life.  Aks yourself why people don’t want to to rally behind you.  Let me take a guess that something in your path have said you won’t come through.  Maybe you start and end things too quickly.  Maybe you’re the type that had a life where you lied, or wasn’t always trust worthy.  It’s going to be hard for people to have an honest perspective of you. 

What you have to do is make the necessary changes and let people see you in their time.  This will be a lonely walk for awhile.  You will have to go get you a journal to write about your experiences.  I would suggest you also so something physical to help relieve some of the tension and stress.  Also if the same ones who don’t want to rally behind you don’t tell them what you are doing.  Yes you don’t need to let the ones who are already showing you in word and deed how you plan on achieving your goals.  Trust me sharing with people who don’t believe in you will increase your stress levels. 

You don’t need a crowd.  As you begin your journey you will link up with like minded people.  You will encounter support from folks you don’t when know.  Even some of my readers have experienced this as well.  You will have people willing to invest in you as you do the right things.  Maybe in time your relationships with those around you will mend.  I’m quite sure but don’t think the relationship as you knew it will be the same.  It won’t be because you’re not in the same place as you once were.  Embrace this change.  It will get better in your journey you just have to accept silence, naysaying, lies, etc before people accept that this time is the time where you do what no one thought you could.  Be encouraged!!


One thought on “Ask Toi: What do I do when no one seems to be in my corner?

  1. Or maybe it’s your perspective. Maybe it looks as of u have no support because the support isn’t in the manner you want it or think it should be. You have to remember that we are all different & how you may support ppl, u may not get that same identical support back. Not saying ppl don’t support u but not on the same levels. They can only support on their capabilities. Like for me its easy for me to go over & beyond for ppl because its only my husband & I. So more free to do things for ppl & be there in late night emergency, last minute times. Now my friends with children, especially little ones can’t do the same but that doesn’t mean they don’t support me. They can only support at their level & that’s ok.

    You also have to stop looking for validation from ppl. I’ve been guilty of that. The same ppl I look for validation are the same ppl that will tear you down. Build up your own confidence. Seek spiritual guidance. Once you are secure in yourself the right support will come.


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