SAHM Chronicles

The last time I blogged about stay at home moms and recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to navigate this mom life.  Let me tell you I’m speaking from 100% experience.  I know the frustration you feel for this ultimate sacrifice you are making for your family.

Moms have it rough as is.  We are already on the last of the list over our kids.  We are always trying to figure out and anticipate the needs of our family.  The best mom is a mom that takes herself from being last and learns to incorporate some me time. You’re probably rolling your eyes asking how is that possible.  It’s quite possible you just have to be creative.  Most stay at home moms are also on the tightest of budgets. 

The questions isn’t in the how but the why aren’t you getting out.  Listen I’ve been there and used every excuse as to why I couldn’t go somewhere or do something.  The actual reason is simple sometimes we don’t want to put out the energy.  Yes so it’s not our finances it’s our do something is broke.  I used to complain about I didn’t have something to wear, didn’t want to put makeup to go, too tired, etc.  If I be real I didn’t want to but I wanted to complain.

There are so many options to achieve so many things.  As a stay at home mom I’m sure you’re already trying to find bargains for your household.  I know I do.  There are apps like Ibotta that allow you to save on the stuff like groceries that you already buying.  The money you save can begin to save for your me time excursions.  It may be a few pennies here and there but despise the day of small things. 

Sit down on your moment of silence and we do have them.  You’re already online and all the stores you love to shop, become a member or sign up for their mailing lists.  When deals come out get them.  Stop letting the mommy guilt get you.  Also there are some high and low end consignment shops that have some awesome steals.  Have the husband keep the kids, grab a coffee and get to them.

I love spa days.  I can’t say I get them often enough but I love them.  So when I’m in need of one and can’t get to it I may wait for the kids to go down but I’ll turn my bathroom into a get away.  You know normally there’s a way child in the bathroom when you go anyway.  So yes I lock that door and take the longest shower.  I use my most luxurious shower gel and relax.  I use my best lotion not my everyday stuff either.  Then I put on some cute pjs and read or relax until I fall asleep. 

Need some girlfriend time.  Host a night in.  Ask all of your friends to bring a bottle and a non diet friendly dish.  That way you get your girl time, and a snack you don’t have to share with little hands.  It can be done you just have to be creative.  I’m a firm believer that’s life to be lived and even with the responsibility of children I’m not going to be stressed and bored.  Nope break out.

There is something to have a few minutes of peace.  I encourage each and every woman and mom to take 20 minutes of me time.  I don’t care how you get it either.  If it’s listening to your favorite song, taking a walk, getting in bed before your husband to YouTube search, or listen to a podcast.  Sometimes waking up a few minutes before the house to pray/meditate, grab a hot cup of tea or coffee can set your entire day. 

Here are some tips for some practical saving tips:

Beauty and Glam:

Salons have great deals on Mondays-wednesday.  Check your local favorite salons.

Can’t get to a full salon, try places like JC Penny, Sears, etc they have convenient hours for busy moms

On a sho nuff budget, places like Empire have students who can do your hair.  Now I’ve been to these places myself my tip is that you speak up and watch that you’re getting what you asked.  Students need love too and it’s great way to have a more polished look for cheap.


Get your coupons ready.  Department stores have some sales.  Be vigilant on your favorite items

Also places like CVS, Target, and Walmart have sales on beauty products.  You’re mostly likely already there. I use CVS bucks as a way to score beauty finds and free products.  Usually if you buy two you can get $5 CVS bucks for something later.

Ulta, Sephora, etc

Sign up and become members.  You can get points to use for free products.  Plus they have semi annual sales and lots of things are buy one and get one at 50%. 


Shop your own closet first.  You would be surprised of the gems you already own.  Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and play with color.  Mix and match pieces.

Sign up for your favorite stores so you will know when there’s a great sale.  Always elect to get key pieces that may be more pricey in the beginning but will last.  These pieces can be paired with low end or trendier pieces.

Consignment shops

You can get some awesome and even vintage pieces for pennies less than the big department stores. 


You can get trendy pieces at places like Clare’s , Charming Charlies etc. 

These pieces can add a pop of spunk for an elegant event or just your everyday look.

Groupon, Living Social

These apps can help you buy items for yourself or an outing, or even spa services such as pedicures, manicures, and bikini waxes. 

So as you can see life can be had, but do you want it.  If you have a date with a friend don’t cancel it. The kids will be fine you don’t have to be there for everything.  I’ve had to learn that as well.  Let’s turn that complaint into action and don’t let your mom life take over who you are as a woman the two can co-exist.



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