Faith Test

Have you ever just had a day where no matter how positive you are it just seems like the world is coming down on you?  One of those moments in time where you ask yourself a thousand times if you need to do things differently.  We all have them.  It’s only when we have one that we allow ourselves to compare to someone else’s walk.

Days are getting harder.  Everytime I turn the news on or log onto my social media sources, times are becoming even worse.  There’s not a day where people’s lives, hearts, and minds are in an uproar.  People are tired of how life is happening around them.  People are tired of death and destruction.  Sad part is its going to get worse before it gets better.  I know and trust me I’m not trying to bring your day down. 

My goal today is that with all the craziness around us we are responsible for ourselves.  I say it so often but we have to be careful what we entertain.  Who we let in our space can cause us to think differently.  Sometimes I have to log off.  So many people speaking doubt, unbelief, and negativity will have you so drained.  I’m real careful of who I speak to especially when I’m in the middle of a difficult situation.  Some people have the best intentions but can indirectly speak some things into you that will have you baffled. 

Today be aware of who is in your space.  If necessary take a break from the negativity.  It’s so necessary to just breath, get clear on what you want and then make an action plan.  You can’t go forward with backward minded people. Be vigilant today over you.  



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