How’s your fight?

It’s another Monday.  Some have the Monday blues but in reality Monday blues don’t have to be so dull.  You know I love to start my week with something inspirational.

I could say oh let’s get out here and win.  I could say oh let’s really make this week great but the person who I need to address to make any of that happen is YOU.  How determined are you?  What’s your fight like?  In high school I didn’t get into many fist fights but I had some pretty good parents that if I had to defend myself I would be prepared. 

When you’re in a fight the biggest thing you can do to be defeated is to underestimate your opponent.  Stop thinking that people are going to be fair.  Stop thinking that people are just going to let you win.  It doesn’t matter how much you believe you can win if you don’t plan on fighting with all you have what’s the point?!

Listen in life you will be hit with difficult situations but YOU have to keep going.  You can’t turn on your opponent and then he surprised when you get sucker punched. As soon as something doesn’t go our way we go into defeat mode.  Then the self doubt and pity kicks in.  Stop! Get your mind right.  You don’t have time to look around you need to focus.

For me I try to keep encouraging things surrounding me. I was listening to Kirk Franklin’s This is It.  If you haven’t heard it before I highly encourage you to listen to it.  Even if you don’t like him as an artist hear the words.  The song isn’t about quitting when things get difficult.  It’s not about throwing in the white towel.  It’s about you learning to keep going even with tears in your eyes.  To keep going even when frustration turns into anger.  To keep going even when the very bottom of your life seems to have hit the ground.  Keep going.  In order to keep going you have to keep fighting.

If you can become defeated and have no drive then the opponent has one.  It’s not the winning of the race to become first.  It’s about winning and not stopping.  So if today your lonely and your race is to companionship know that along the way you are going to be mad.  Along the way when family and friends seem to be marrying and you see no date in sight keep on going.  You’re being made and so is she or he. 

If you’re fight is to leave an unhealthy relationship and no matter what you do the very people who you are trying to bring you down have upped their game, keep fighting.  You don’t have to be entertained by any of it.  You have to keep getting better.

If your fight is to end negativity, know one thing. The negative in you will come out.  What?  Yes it’s when you begin to implement change that everything you were once about will try you.  You will fail.  That wasn’t a typo.  You will fail. But you don’t have to sit there in the defeat.  Failure is supposed to push you to be greater.  You need to know that.  You need to be able to grab that message.

Some of the world’s greatest inventors had failed before they won.  So why are you any different?  It has nothing to do with how smart, how cute, how creative you are.  It comes down to one question, how is your fight?



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