Ask Toi: A guy I’ve been talking to has been texting back and forth, he hasn’t asked me out on a date he wants to come over..

Well a lot of people try to convince me that dating has changed and it has to some degree but coming over only means one thing no matter what era you date and that’s called booty call.

It doesn’t matter how much he tells you that you’re different, a booty call is what he’s after.  Start hitting him with some questions and see how he handles it.  There’s no way in my mind how a man can come back from telling you by his actions that you’re not worthy of a date after that.  To me it would be about you asking about a date so it boils down to him having to add another step to get in your pants.  How does that make you feel?

You’re not okay with it so that’s why you asked.  I know a lot of people who only communicate through text but not in a substantial relationship will that work.  If you’re looking for a sex buddy or someone to just keep you company for a little while then proceed. 

We as women start down playing what we want and will accept it because it looks like the man isn’t buying it.  However that’s how you weed out the ones who appear to be the one and the one meant for you.  The one meant for you will go the extra mile.  So If you’re frustrated by this man’s approach, stop allowing it.  Tell him that you’re interested in something more than just a few minutes in the bed and some wet sheets.  I’m quite sure he will back off.  If he doesn’t he’s just trying hard but until he comes with substance don’t buy into it.

Remember a man may lead but what you accept is what you end up with.  Don’t just sit back idle and keep the sex talk going. Next thing you know there will be more sexting happening and we’ll it will be what it will be.  Some people are okay with it but you certainly don’t come off as the type that is.

Good luck with Mr. Right now!


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