Ask Toi: I lost my ring during an affair…

Well as much as I would love to sympathize I do belief that maybe karma is doing her job.  Cheating is never okay and I’m sure that there were things inside of you and with your mate that could have lead to this but it’s not an excuse.

You lost your ring I would say, where was it last?  Did the person you were cheating with take it or is it still at the location you were cheating? Talk to the person and let them know about what happened.  That’s your first defense in finding the ring.  Another thing is because you cheated you might not have had it on prior.  There’s a possibility that its at home. You also asked me about how to deal with your mate?  That’s going to be hard.

My husband for instance knows when my rings are off.  It’s an investment that he made so for him he’s going to know on that premise alone.  The second thing is your mate will question it because of how it looks.  No ring doesn’t tell others that you’re married and he/she will want to know why you are okay with sending this message especially if you are always the one wearing it.

Lastly I would say lying about the ring won’t help.  If you want to wait until you can find it fine but just know that if you lie it’s like adding rubbing alcohol on a cut.  It’s that much worse.  You will have to come clean about it all.  Now that the person you cheated on knows often times they will hold that information over your head and it’s not worth it.

Hopefully you find it and can made amends with your mate.  However be prepared that before it can begin to get better there’s a possibility that it will go left fast.  I don’t have to tell you about how cheating will affect your marriage but just know the ring will be the smaller of the issues you are dealing with.

Good luck!!


3 thoughts on “Ask Toi: I lost my ring during an affair…

  1. My question is are you more concerned about the most ring or the affair. Sounds like if you had your ring & had the affair there would be no question. The lost ring as Toi said will cause your mate to question you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be questioned.

    So yes, you are reaping what you have sowed. So be mindful that even if you don’t chose to tell your mate about the affair, everything always eventually comes to light.

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