Sometimes we just need some fresh air.  Think about in terms of kids.  If they don’t get enough outdoor play you find that they become restless and their focus is all over the place.  Same thing goes for adults.  You need to withdraw from the stresses that can plague us all.

Did you know that even in the United States we are more than double of any other country not to take an actual vacation?  Other places stress the importance of relaxing and letting things go during vacation.  Most Americans will take work with them on actual vacation and then wonder why they are burnt out or overwhelmed.  If you haven’t taken a break or even a staycation, the question is why. 

Yes do I understand that money isn’t always there to maybe head to a tropical island but if you play your cards rights even a weekend to a nearby town can do wonders for your life.  I’m actual coming back from one myself.  I had poor cell signal for most of my trip but I enjoyed the quiet, friends, and my kids laughter.  It was a much needed break from the norm.  Sometimes we all just need some fresh air to get moving again.

I’m a firm believer in making time for yourself even when you’re at home dealing with everyday things as well.  I will turn my house into an oasis of peace.  It’s my duty.  We don’t allow a lot of craziness in our home.  We like the peace we have created.  We limit most arguments, we limit talks about the same folks and their issues, and we reset often.  Why?  Who wants to work all day to come home to nothing but a lack of balance, confusion, and anger.

The other week I had to have a heated conversation and my kids were present.  I took most of the conversion outside of my home.  When it was over I was livid by the exchange but I took a few hours and reset my home and made a decision I wouldn’t be speaking about the topic again or the players. Why?  It’s important to keep my home peaceful.

When you get a chance take a moment to one make your home an oasis of peace and love.  Then take some time to make a trip whether day or over some time and refocus.  It literally will change how you deal with others and how you handle yourself. 

In case you didn’t know stress is a killer.  Literally people allow things and other people to pull on them so much to they end up with ulcers, unknown sickness aka going to the doctors with pain that the doctors can’t find or explain, heart related illnesses, etc. Nothing is more priceless than peace but it’s up to you to maintain it.  You can point fingers at all of the players around you but when you take responsibility for your own actions you will do what’s necessary to treat you with the same respect you want others to treat you.

So take some time away. Get reconnected with yourself, your spouse, your children and your family.  Work will be there, bills and responsibilities will be there, but if you allow stress to rule your life you won’t be here.  Take some time NOW.



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