Lips off!!!

So often times we entertain people’s words. Yes, we listen to things that we know isnt right.  We will not put stops and breaks where they are needed and then get upset at the end results.

Think about it.   We know of many people who speak ill of literally everything.  You know the negative Nancy’s.  Nothing is ever right.  They didn’t get enough sleep.  Their curls aren’t right.  They could get breakfast handed to them but complain it wasn’t right.  

Then we move from that to the my life never works for me.  Yes the people who always compare themselves to everyone around them.   If they loss a 20 they have to bring up the fact that someone else looks like they are prospering.  We all have either had these moments or know of the ones who do.  

You already know that you are responsible for yourself.  You can encourage others around you to be better and be the most positive person they know and yet if others are negative you can’t save them.  We want to be able to save everyone and it’s just not possible.  So when you hear someone with negativity in their mouth, why do we keep listening?

Short answer is we like it.   I know you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t but you do.   If you don’t you would remove yourself from situations,  people,  brands,  entertainment, etc.   You can’t want to do better making the same decisions. 

Lastly, you know when you will truly soar?  When you stop allowing whispers, words, and riducule paralyze you.  Just as much as you need to be careful who you are around, you need not let what people do to try to hurt you.  Let’s keep it real when we were taught that sticks and stones may break your bones but words could never hurt you, the person saying this had to be related to Casper the friendly ghost.

Words have power when you give the person speaking more power over you than they deserve.  Some times we have respect for people or we think oh not her or him so we let our defense down.  Sometimes we allow words to stop us from reaching goals.   The people who are successful have most likely failed in crowds where people have said the most cruel, hurtful, and intentional things ever but they kept going.

I know you’re saying but you have no idea what I’m up against.  My response is I don’t.  What I do know is simple, we have to be intentional to not allow the words to take us out.  As much as you want to fall by the way side or let the dream or goal inside of you have more strength than what’s being said.   If you’re not ready to walk alone at times you’re not ready to make it.   Yes,  no one who wants greater can be stopped by limitless, mindless words.  Your emotions and reactions will either feed or kill it.  

No one is untouchable to hurt and pain.  What you do with it separates the kids from the adults. What are you willing to do?  What breaks and stops are you incorporating in your life?  What daily activities are you endorsing or dismissing?  For the people in your life that you need to break up with, have you done it?  

Your heart and mind are important but only you can determine how much is enough.



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