Fall in Line…

I love Fall it’s my favorite season.  I love the colors of the season. I love the weather and along with that cute scarves, boots and jackets.  Fall has so much meaning for me. 

I love taking in what the season has to offer.   Before I just let my mind take off into a beautiful world, let’s break this fall thing down.  In the 1500’s Fall as we know it to be was called Autumn or the Harvest.  It was a time where people began working hard to store food.  They stored food because it was understood that Winter would kill all plant life.  

So yes it wasn’t just bears that was running around getting it together.  People actually took the time to prepare for their futures.  I think about it in terms that it’s like cultivating things in preparation for down time.  Nights will become longer and days shorter.  The temperature will begin to decline. 

The first day of Fall is September 23rd.   I’ve always taken the time to think about what I want to work on during the fall.   I do this daily however way before New Years, Fall kind of sets my mind into my goal setting time.   I intentionally look for a new skill,  lesson,  etc to learn.  I’m not sure what this year’s will be but I’m working on it.   All the pretty oranges, yellows, and reds set my mind at such a peace.  I remember being on Penn State’s campus as a freshman and right at the Hub just sitting in the grass taking in the scenery.  I did this every Fall.  I stood there with my notebook in hand figuring my goals and dreams.

Obviously I’m no longer a freshman or even a college student.  I still set new goals.   Fall can be the Harvest you need to be but you have to be willing to do the work.  Some people don’t embrace change and find it hard to have so many changes at once.  However if you’re willing to set aside fear,  apprehension, guilt, and shear don’t want to, you will reap great benefits. 

Fall is coming.  Harvest is there for those who are ready to work at it.   The harvest can be whatever you need it to be.  Let’s make new goals. Let’s focus a bit better.  What are you willing to do?



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