Boots aren’t optional…

Alright alright alright…yes Fall is almost here.  One of the things about the Fall is colder weather.  Colder weather will require us to put away the sandals and flip flops.  We will also have to put away sleeveless shirts for cardigans and sweaters or hoodies.

One of my favorite must haves is the knee boot.  Yes they come in many colors and styles.   However there is only one big no no and that is worn out heels.   Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone in a cute outfit with beautiful boots but the heels are on standby.

Ladies I’m all about saving coins but we must have the proper shoe game.  I’m not at all caught up in the brand of knees boots as there are some cute ones in every price range.  The trick is finding ones that make your legs look amazing.  The other is to find the heel size that you can walk in.

When you have knee boots on it becomes an eye sight.  Make sure your eye candy looks well on you.  If you wear boots you know the joys of selecting a new pair for the season.  For me I don’t always buy a new pair every season but this one I definitely will.   I think every woman needs at least one upscale pair.  Yes you need to pay a few extra dollars just because they last longer.  Ladies invest wisely.

Now one thing I will say don’t go overboard.  I know of some who have to get them and are willing to use rent money.   I said invest not be dumb.  No purchase is worth more than my stability or that of my kids’ future.  Some reading this will say they don’t wear them or don’t understand the hype.  I say to each their own.  However to my fellow boot wearers, aren’t you just smiling thinking about it?   Boots can take a regular outfit from average to amazing. 

So I say Fall,  bring it I’ll be waiting and looking taller and amazing.  Happy boot season ladies. 



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