National Kiss and Makeup Day

Today is national kiss and makeup day.  Yes the day that we honor making things right with the ones we love.

Few things to keep in mind is that when you kiss and make up you should also practice finding ways to eliminate the offense.  There are some ways gestures can make a difference.  They don’t need to be big things either.

Here are some suggestions for both women and men can do to make up:

Washing dishes
Cleaning the house
Taking kids for an hour of peace
Gift Cards to favorite store

The jiar is to make up.  Life is too short to have continued issues.  Howewer one rule is don’t argue and allow someone to pull your energy and you’re not married to them or in a committed relationship.  We get into full blown fights with people who don’t matter.   Watch where your energy is being used.

Lastly don’t go to bed angry or with unresolved issues.  Everything won’t be worked out but make sure your mind is clearing a way to get there.

Enjoy national kiss and make up day today.  I don’t have a reason to make up with anyone but I’m okay with taking a few kisses today from my husband.  Enjoy!!



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