Fall comfort foods and drinks

Fall is definitely the time to stay focused on your diet.  Fall is always associated with food and drinks.  I mean think about it you have Halloween and Thanksgiving way too close together.  Yes it’s about a month apart but a lot of calories is going down.

I don’t even go out trick or treating but the candy corn has to be orchestrated by some evil tricked up scam.   They are that good.   It used to be a time when the corn shaped candies was just regular but some candy corn fanatic has figured out how to mix flavorings like caramel apple in it.  


Then if the fall candy corn doesn’t get you then insert the comfort foods.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a beast with the crock pot.   With that being said my crock pot gets the business in the fall.   I’ve mastered just about all meals in that contraption.  So it’s no surprise that crock potting sales actually goes up in the fall.   Between homemade soups, mac and cheese, and everything in between my body needs a cleanse just thinking about it.

Now let’s slide over to fall drinks.  Lord, apple and pumpkin anything.  From lattes to your favorite happy hour there’s a little drink to satisfy your craving.  My favorite is apple cider.  Can I get it all year? Of course but I’m from Lancaster, PA soooo you can best believe I know a good cider when I try one.   Now I don’t know if it’s that Penn State environment in me but I know quite a few recipes for non alcoholic and alcoholic cider recipes alike.  

Since I’m also saving on coins I do a little prepping now.   I do a lot of baking in the fall.   I could have to work, run behind all of my 3 kids,  clean my house from top to bottom and be tired but will forego sleep for a good baking session.  It’s relaxing so like any good baking season this is the time to stock up on flour, sugar,  baking powder, etc.  Why?   There are others like me who will be on baking Bootcamp. 

Fall is a sweet season.  Enjoy it.  I’ll leave my favorite Fall Drink Recipes:

Apple Pie Sangria

4 apple sliced
3 pears sliced
2 cinnamon sticks (optional)

5 cups of apple cider
2 cups of club soda
1 cup of caramel vodka (more if necessary 😆)

Apple Cider Ball Jello Shots

Mix equal amounts of apple cider and fireball inside of cherry jello mix, chill and enjoy

Happy Fall!!


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