Fall Excuses

If you’re a Summer or Spring lover due to the warm weather and don’t like Fall due to the colder weather, it’s okay.  Fall brings on the colder weather but that doesn’t mean you have to be indoors unless you really want to.

Fall can bring on some fun activities you just have to have an open mind.  One way is to start the season is to have a First Day of Fall potluck.  All participants are required to bring their favorite Fall Dish.  Have some Fall decorations on display and have a great time.  As it gets colder have a bonfire. Yes a bonfire with of course smores,  and good drinks.

Corn mazes are a lot of fun and this activity can be a family friendly activity as well.  Like hayrides?   Fall is hayride season.  There are usually other activities like face painting, petting zoo,  apple picking, and horseback riding. 

And did I forget the number one Fall activity?  If you guessed it correct than you guessed football.  If you’re not lucky enough to be season pass holders than grab a group of family and friends for a friendly and competitive game of 2 hand touch.  Or if that’s not your stick how about tailgate for your favorite team.  Who doesn’t like food, beer, and talking smack? 

The point is bundle up and get out or organize your friends for a night in.   Have you been to a winery?  Perfect time to go.  There are so many options don’t just sit and complain. Get out and enjoy.



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