Insecure much

One of the things about being human is that we all have insecurities.  It doesn’t matter how strong our exterior may look we deal with how we look, how others perceive us,  etc. 

Physical Insecurities

We all have something we would like to fix about ourselves.  In these days and times we fix things about ourselves with the right price.  There are some who spend thousands only to find that once they nip and tuck one issue there will be something else that needs attention.  I’m not against people’s choices to go under the knife I just know that it won’t fix any internal issue if you don’t work on them.

Mental Insecurity

You have what you say but you also have what you think.  Sometimes thoughts in our minds began to take life.  We have no idea how one thought can change how we perceive literally every aspect of life.  It’s important to understand what your thought life is either helping or hindering.  Some people suffer from mental illness.  People are quick to judge others.  If you understand that mental health issues come from the inability to separate reality from our thought life people would stop associating weakness to the disease.  Everyone has the ability to have a thought or memory over take them.

The Pitfall of Comparison

Seeing someone who appears to be doing better, better off,  better looking, better this and that is fine.   Harping on the word better can either make or break you.   For example when I became a mother I would see some moms still flashy and so well put together yet I was struggling to get a shower.  My thought life had made me think that the well to do mom was BETTER.   How can she be better than me when she and I had our own journey? 

We allow all the insecurities that we face to knock us down more than we allow it to motivate us.  If we are to grow we have to be able to see what we think we want or know what we want and keep it in perspective.  Motivation should give you peace not make you worst.   Motivation shouldn’t keep you locked into a non producing state. 

Now life is life.  So some moments we have our stuff together and other times we don’t.  Let’s attempt to make more moments of time where we just stop these beat down moments.  We talk about others bullying people but the fight is us against ourselves. 

Today’s motivation comes from the pursuit of balance.  It comes from not letting comparison and insecurity drop kick our dreams and goals.  So what will you do?   Will you allow what you want to be balanced in your time, your journey and your way?   Will you worry less about acceptance of others and more on accepting yourself? 

It’s all up to you.  



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