Ask Toi: Can you have more in common with someone other than your significant other?

Absolutely.  We as people love to deal with numbers.  We go by quantity and not quality.  You can have more in common with another person over your significant other.   However more interests in common means nothing when the one you’re with has your heart.

Nothing wrong with this question at all but my question now to you is why have you noticed?  Sometimes we notice another person more or their qualities when something in your current relationship goes lacking.  Not to say this couldn’t be an innocent question.  But most times people ask because they are wondering.

Be careful of getting caught up in what appears to be more because often times its not.  Yes you see a guy he seems to have his stuff together and you’re looking at the one you’re with in disgust.  It’s called a mirage.  Don’t BE fooled.  You will come into contact with more beautiful people that speak to your body, mind,  etc MORE than you’re mate at any given moment.  Admire it and then move on.   Don’t get carried away with fleeting thoughts.   Your mind can be a playground for good or bad.

Love the one you’re with on the premise of what they bring to the table, the love you have, and the commitment you made to be with them.   Not the one who temporary made you smile and take a step back.  Water your garden and be happy for the little moment that you shared with this other person and go love on the one that makes your heart skip beats on a full time basis. 


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