Ask Toi: Is it customary to end the date early if you see if it’s not going anywhere?

Not generally.  I mean if the date was going so left and you felt like you were being disrespected I may get up and leave.  To me decoroum is key so if I can make it through a bad date and keep my composure than that’s my general rule.

I’ve had some bad dates where I’ve wanted to dash but I believe in keeping it together so only my date looks like a jerk.   You have to gauge the date and weigh your options.  Not everything is scene worthy.  So always keep it classy.   Now I don’t have an issue once the date is over being gracious and letting them know that although I enjoyed their company I didn’t see this going anywhere.  I don’t like to string people along.   I’m not blocking you or changing my number.  Honesty is the best policy. 

Good luck out there!!


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