Dating and the Single Life: Bells and Whistles

So I hope you are enjoying the dating series.   Today we talking bells and whistles.  What is that?  We talking about people’s representatives.   Yes in the dating world while you’re trying to find out if the new catch is worth your time you unfortunately meet their best rep.

It’s hard out there.   With online dating,  dating with kids, speed dating etc there are just so many opportunities to meet people who lack character.  Let’s do an internal check.  You ever have the lists where you list height, looks etc but you don’t list character traits?  Yes we are looking for the package.  Sometimes you got to be careful and leave the packages for Christmas.  Everything that glitter isn’t gold and I know my momma wasn’t the only one who told them that.

We are so concerned with if he looking good on paper but that’s all you gonna end up with.  Yes ask a lot of women and men who invested time in someone only to find they got more than the bargained for.   You don’t know a woman or man’s integrity, then wonder why he got a Benz but his bills aren’t paid.   You wonder why he dresses so well but he can’t keep a job.   Character inspection is way more important than many think.

It’s usually after you are all the way in that those little signs you paid no attention to start showing permanent devastation.  All you know is he’s nice he opened your door so he has to be a gentleman.  But as you started dating him he begin to back off of those niceties he once portrayed.  You need some time before you start hitching your life to someone else’s.

Ladies I know in the dating world that often times we are just lonely and in need of companionship.   Dont let that desire to unite with someone make you wished you had waited.  Nothing is 100% but waiting, asking questions, and listening.  Just a small nugget men usually tell you where they are.   If you meet him and he says he doesn’t want anything serious don’t wait to “change him.”  He told you where he was.   Be clear and listen. 

In dating we want the best and you deserve the best.  You really have to be careful and watch actions over words.   A man’s integrity is more important than what he has.   You want to eventually know his integrity will be the covering you need in your life.   No need to build a future with someone whose integrity line doesn’t match yours.   You will end up resentful.  Take your time out there.  Check their character, their credit, work history, meet their long time friends, talk to their family more than worrying about how laid his suit is,  or the car he drives.   A man of integrity may be driving a Chevrolet now but has integrity to work hard for that Benz and be a good steward of his finances.

Be careful!!



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