National Thank You Day

I honestly think the art of simply saying thank you is gone.   We replace thank you with that’s what someone should do.   Regardless of a person’s role in your life removing a thank you is definitely taking advantage of another person.

That’s why family and friends are burnt out.   We say we don’t need a than you but it goes a long way.   We teach children to say it in the beginning but if you’re not careful they too begin to fall off.   We live in a society where we are so caught up that those simple words have lost their way.

In order to say thank you, there has to be gratefulness in your heart.  Yes how can you say it and not believe it.   We see so much negativity in the world, have we closed ourselves off from allowing thankfulness in our heart?  I know this sounds like a semi mushy blog but it’s not.   Thankfulness has nothing to do with having it all.   If you’re waiting for that to happen you’re in for a rude awakening.

Have you ever had a bad day?   Of course you did.  As you cursed your day and maybe a few people along the way?, the


the phone rings or you speak to someone and discover you’re having a light weight day in comparison.

Saying thank you should make you feel good just as hearing it does.   Take a second to thank someone today.   Don’t take for granted people’s presence in your life.   National thank you day should be an everyday thing but it starts on the inside first.


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