Ask Toi: I’m starting to think my sister is against me…

Well welcome to the world of sisterly love and support.  Sisters are automatic friends.  Some sisters are closer than others.  Some are distant and can be in the same room with one another and barely speak.

You have to know if you and your sister are really at odds or just having a moment.  For instance I’m a twin.   My twin (sister) and are close.  We talk everyday.  However to others on the outside when we get into an argument and she and I vent it would appear that we weren’t even friends let alone sisters. 

What is known between you and your sister doesn’t have to be understood by others.  If you and your sister don’t get along or you two are at odds it’s okay.   Attempt to work on a better relationship.  Life is tough and even if you can’t get along on most days at least know that if something went down you can call her and be there for one another.  Growing up my mom told me and my twin we were all we got.  I believe that and know that. Regardless if we fight like cats and dogs, I would stop earth for her.

Now I know there is an extreme of sisters who don’t ever speak.  They don’t get along and have turned their backs on each other.  Don’t let time and something negative happening to test your love.   Even if you can’t be close because wounds are too fresh even if years have passed between the two, at least be willing to make it better.   I believe we are all responsible for our own actions.  So don’t let bitterness, jealousy, or anger stop you from showing love.


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