Giving up isn’t the answer

So I said I would do some Sunday blogs.   People will email and say that I blog most days except Sunday.  It’s true.   Unlike popular belief it’s not for religious reasons.  It’s just that I use Sunday like most to set my week up.   Rest for me comes in the form of prep work.

In high school I was featured in my local newspaper as a who’s who for teens.   One of the things I talked about was utilizing time well.   When I had my first child in 2009 I had to put that into practice.  Being prepared for anything that life and her birth had thrown was about to be more key than I was prepared to even know.  There were so many moments where I was holding this sick child and I felt like the very bottom of my life had fallen.

I can’t say I don’t have moments like that now.   I blog about positivity but the reality is I often have negative moments that fuel themselves into positivity.  However it’s those sticky inbetween moments that make you want to scream or pull out your hair.   I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again when you’re looking to better yourself you will find everything pulling on the old you so often.  

Our biggest challenges isn’t others.  It’s usually the one in the mirror.  We beat us quicker than the world can.  What happens is we blame the world because it seems like an easier fight.  Self defeat and self pity can take out more people than any tragedy can.  Thats where depression, confusion, hopelessness live.  Before we even get motivated for Monday lets deal.

Yes can I actually say that life sucks at moments.   I have to say moments because life itself doesn’t suck.   Just our feelings, just being overwhelmed, just feeling like walls are closing in,  etc.  People want to brow beat you for speaking honestly but if you don’t what happens? You explode.  You breakdown.  You think of non-conventional ways of hurt and pain.   Express it.   Scream it out.   Cry it out.  Take a jog.   Take a hike.  But don’t give up.  Its often said even if you felt like you hit your bottom, then up is all that is left.

You will have a better day.   You will smile again.   The pain and heartache is temporary.  I promise you.   I also promise you it all adds to your story.  So this Sunday which is self care Sunday, find one renewing activity.  Get your mind right and your head clear.   You don’t even have to have the answers.   Right now I’m in the middle of something where there are no answers.   So don’t think my life is without tests.  Trust me it is.   Hold on.   Don’t give up or in.  Don’t allow the cares of the world make you lose hope.   Even if it’s not much having just a little hope, makes the difference. 

Take a deep breath and ride the wave.   Better is at the door step of giving up but you will have to step over it to get to better.



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