Beyonce was a headliner at the Global Citizen festival.  This touched on a lot of topics one being the disparity between men and women on things such as pay, etc.   The #62milliongirls campaign was highlighted.  62 million girls who aren’t in school and most end up having lives of childhood marriage, early child birth,  etc.

Beyonce released a clip on her instagram page where a woman can be heard saying, “compromise, compromise for what? Compromise for what reason?  A man comes into my life and I have to compromise (insert laugh) stupid.”  The likes are extremely high.   High because of Queen B.   However,  it wasn’t something that Beyonce said but that of none other than Eartha Kitt.  Yes the excerpt was taken from her 1982 “All by myself: the Eartha Kitt story.”    However since we are so void of asking questions when some heard it, people were calling Beyonce a great feminist.  I don’t doubt she is, but she got that little nugget from a woman who had been through something way before Beyonce was even born.

Think about what Eartha Kitt was saying.   She wasn’t knocking men at all as I know many will interpret. She’s saying as a woman I don’t have to compromise myself to have someone in my life.  If someone wants to be with me they will because I’m going to be me.   How many women can really say that?  Honestly without hesitation, be them.  Be the them without Snapchat, Instagram and other social media filters?!

People want love.   They are hungry, searching and looking for someone to build with.   Do NOT compromise who you are to find it.   If you can’t join with someone who wants you to grow into a better version of yourself, you’re wasting your time.   Even more important than who you are with is what you become.   A part of that starts with education.  Whether that’s college, trade school, or getting licensed, you need more than just a cute face and small waist to make it.   Even video vixens careers die.  What are you able to do for yourself?

Ladies we need to stand up for the freedoms we have to get an education.   To stand behind the young women who live in impoverished lands whose decisions are already made due to the lack of education.   We need to close the earning potential for women to make even better choices.  For some women to survive they must get married or have babies etc.  Not even on some trapping a baller type to get ahead.  They do this because they are completely devalued.  We are no different from the 62 million girls except we have so much that we abuse our privilege.  Don’t just stand behind the young girls here in America but all over the World.   Use your power to influence change.

Watch this clip from Ms. Eartha Kitt:



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