Ask Toi: If you’re dating and the person doesn’t knock you off your feet, is that a sign to end things?

It’s a sign if it’s a sign for you.   Some people have different definitions of what it means to have someone knock them off their feet.   To one it could be a lot of small gestures that tug at the heart.  For some it could be that they never had someone even wine and dine them.  You have to understand that dating is the time where you determine if the one you’re with is the ONE for you.  This is true if you’re dating to be married.  

I don’t know how long you have been dating but if it’s for quite some time then consider a few things.   What has changed over time in your relationship on both sides.  What if anything was done before that made you feel overwhelming loved and adored.  If nothing then you started out with an issue.  If it was there and it fizzled, then decide where you want to be.  Do you want to do the work to figure things out.   Even if you were to marry them at the peak of love marriages go through seasons too.  If you’re not ready to ride the wave in dating then maybe it’s not the decline in gestures that is the issue but that you need something your man/woman can’t offer.  

Do not for a second not look into this.  Failure to do so will bring about more issues down the line.   You may have to have a conversation with yourself before you can go to your man/woman.  Be clear on what it is you need or want then proceed. 


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