What would you rather?

So let me take a little minute to admit that I get afraid.  I mean beyond snakes and spiders I get paralyzed with fear beyond anything physical.  This week has been a battle.  Did I mention it’s only Tuesday?  Yes it seems as if when I blink a new challenge arises.

I gave thought to the one thing in my entire life I thought I couldn’t make it through.  It took me a minute for me to weigh my trials.  See,  the way my life is set up….

So I’ve been through things that would have taken the average person out BUT and yes I meant it in all caps, I’m still here.  I don’t have it all together.  I don’t say it right.  I don’t even think right most of the time either, but I’m here.   There’s one thing well actually more but let’s go with the one thing that separates the girls from the women,  and that’s not quitting.   Oh I’m good at writing off or walking off but not quitting.  There’s a huge difference between the three.

I would rather walk off mad but fight.  I would rather try my hand at many jobs and fail before I just quit.   Quitting is just the epitome of losing.  Quitting says I’m not putting anymore effort I concede.  One thing is what I lack in knowledge can be fixed but quitting….

I do NOT like change.  I don’t.   I never have but I know change is the one thing that is constant.  People kill me with the mindset that they won’t change if you like them this is who they are deal with it mentality.  Um, wayment. How do you not have to change? We all have to. 

We about to dive into change.  Some of the change series will  be a refresher course.  That’s a disclaimer for my know it all and been there people. Some of it will be a learning curve.   For some they won’t even read it because it’s me writing it and trust me it’s okay.   The bottom line is you can deny me but you won’t deny my gift.  So let’s sit and catch these blogs and gleam.  Life is about gleaming anyway.  A little nugget of knowledge that helps you along the way.  Change is good for the soul.  Oh and if you’re looking for this series to be super deep like you’re looking for a word from your pastor,  I’m not it.   Not even close.  Take your hair down and let’s go.



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