Calling my ladies…

Ugh so I’m doing the laundry shuffle and reflecting.  I’m thinking of my next move and the path I want to take.  I’m thinking of where I want to be and what I could be doing now to get there. As a woman above all I’ve always never wanted to be a feminist.  No disrespect to those who graciously accept the call, but it wasn’t my thing.

Then life happened.   I’m watching the news and between politics, death and destruction it has me thinking about the choices we make now that affect our present and our future.   I think about my career and life outside of my home and wonder what affect on the world I’m making. Then the most important reflection is what I’m. showing the three little people who call me mom.

Will my daughters think that I just sit idle and allow life to happen? Will my son see strength and grace?  Will my children know it’s okay to balance what they want for the right now?  Will they know to push when they feel the most alone? 

I’m not content in jusy existing in the background.  Even if I fail a million times its not for lack of trying.   I’m not content in being Mrs. Storr.  Yes I said it. I don’t want the only part of me to be remembered in the shadow of my husband.  I love him yes.   I support him absolutely,  but I’m more and want more.   Doesn’t mean that I have to choose or have to water myself beside him.   We can grow together and our roots match,  but my leaves can grow as far as my dream wings will allow.  

Ladies if you’re single you don’t have the worries of someone else to keep up with and balance. And as much as you want someone next to you,  when you get one keep up with the very essence of who you are.  Not so you don’t lose him but so you don’t lose you. If you’re married, open your dream eyes, set a goal and make it happen. You can do it with a baby on your hip and a pot in your hand if you want to. Keep pushing.  We can have it all.  

There are women before and with us that are making life happen by not being a victim on the side waiting for someone else to call the shots.   No one said you would wake up and life explode before you. There will be many tears along the way. There will be many nights when you’re so upset you just want to walk away.   But there’s only one you.  Only one of you that can live your life. You are in charge.  You got this. Hold on and make your dreams come true.



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