Blog Action Day: Call to Action “Raiseyourvoice

Today is Blog day.  Yes even bloggers get a day to do what we do best, blog.  Yes today is that day and this year’s theme is #raiseyourvoice.  We get to blog about the things that we want to see make a difference in this world around us.

I didn’t want to come off as a complainer so I thought what I wanted to see around me.  As a woman there’s so much I want to see such as equal pay between men and women.  There’s no way that a man who is has equal education and experience should be compensated more just because of what is between his legs.

Here are the rest of the things i want to call to action:

  1. Job Reform:  a lot of jobs spend money on things they don’t need and forget their employees.  I know about overhead and the cost to run a business, but there are some things that can be cut to suit the employees too.  Making the employees jobs easier, faster, and accurate can help with morale as well as productivity.
  2. School Reform:  For me school reform is making sure that ALL schools have the same available resources.  I live in Philadelphia where the city paid millions of dollars for the Pope to visit but cut costs often on the things that the teachers and students need.  You can’t keep crying broke jeopardizing our city and its youth.
  3. Medical reform: I want all cities to have access to the same medical treatment.  When i first moved to Philadelphia I drove back to my hometown just to get better care for my children and myself.  As of now its gotten better but it wasn’t that I wasnt looking for it.  Theres absolutely no reason to have people who live in poorer cities not have the care they need.  If anything they would need it more.

These are the issues i want to raise my voice and I use my voice to often.  Anytime there are articles I spread the information to get others talking about them.  I use my blogs to talk about them as well as attend things throughout my city to be proactive in getting the change I want to see.  What are you going to #raiseyourvoice for?



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