Sweetest Day, such sweet kindness!

Well bring out the complainers in full force another lovey holiday is on the horizon.  Sweetest day is celebrated the 3rd Saturday in October. Sweetest Day has evolved in a love fest for couples to celebrate the love of their life, but did you know there’s more to this day?

In 1922, Herbert Birch Kingston from Cleveland, Ohio who worked in a candy factory decided that he wanted to bring joy to those who were often forgotten.  He wanted to give trinkets to the orphans, etc.   So what can be so bad about giving candy to someone and making them smile.

Yes like most things in this world, companies have found a way to make a profit.  So yes the candy company and Hallmark have all made sure to step it up for this now holiday. Now again whether you get acknowledged or not, take the time to give someone a smile and a little trinket not only to the one you love but also to someone else that could use some cheering up.

For those who want to give a trinket to their loved one here are 10 gift giving suggestions:

1. Candy. Who doesn’t like candy?  Get your significant other their favorite that day.

2. Cards.   Hey even the Dollar store has great options.

3. Favorite dessert.  Sweeten the deal by making it homemade

4. Opt for an in-house spa treatment. Yes that’s code for running your boo a bath with a few candles and allowing them to relax without interruption

5. Got a gamer, make them their favorite meal and allow them time to play for a few hours

6. Offer to do a chore around the house-free time is the gift that keeps giving

7. Car wash.  Yes what says love like a clean car especially for busy folks who are too busy to do it themselves

8. A massage.  No explanation needed

9.  Find an activity to do together-quality time is always nice

10. Make a collage of pictures to decorate an office or home

The idea is to find great ways to continue the love if you’re coupled up.   Also spread love and cheer. A child in your neighborhood could benefit from an act of kindness.  A single mom could use a Gift Card to a pizza place or a home cooked meal for her family.  You can make a Ziploc bag of basic items for the homeless. Also maybe cleaning your neighbor’s yard.  The possibilities are endless.  So Sweetest Day isn’t just for couples. Spread love


Have fun.


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