Ask Toi, Man edition: Why does my wife get mad when I make other women my #WCW?

That’s an easy answer.  She thinks you admire another woman more than her.  The way to fix the issue are to understand it.  Women and men are some jealous creatures.  So even though most women are okay with an occasional glance of another woman we don’t like what we believe to be an overt attention of another one. When you make these other women your #wcw she may be allowing that ugly monster of jealousy to pop up.

Now when you say other women you do mean celebrities?  Those should be okay.  Those are the beautiful women who have stylist, trainers, and a mirage of paid people to make them look good especially when it comes to how they are portrayed on social media.  So for me its a good look.  You get to see the best face, body, etc.  Now fast forward to real life and you see there’s a major difference.  Most women don’t have this entourage of traveling stylist at their finger tips.  I think sometimes men and women in my opinion seem to forget that when they place their wants on others.  For instance I don’t know you but do you have a 4 or even a six-pack? Do you have the body of 50 cent and can lick your lips just like L.L Cool J?  No shade but I’m sure you don’t but your wife is still by your side being your number one supporter right?  Now if you making your co-worker and some other attainable woman your #wcw than its safe to assume you will be in the dog house for a long time.  That to me is a huge No No.  Its one thing to make a #wcw someone you chill with when you’re not married, but I know if you tried that with your wife all bets are off.

Well I think all men need to make their significant others a #wcw at least once.  This is the one that you chose out of all the women you had been with to make her your life long partner. Show her off.  However understand that if she still is feeling some way then that’s her issue to get over.  You can’t kill the green-eyed giant in her life until she is ready to.  Besides #wcw is for social media right?  That means to me that’s not real life.  How someone treats you off the computer screen is more important than how they flaunt you on-screen.  I know a lot of men and women who treat their significant others like crap behind closed doors but glorify them for the world to see.  Focus on treating your real life #wcw like the queen she is and you shouldnt have any issues.


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